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1 Hour Walks

Old Pakenham Quarry Walk

Updated: May 10, 2021

This walk will take you around an old Pakenham quarry site which is now a lake, and a couple of other pretty green spaces at Cardinia Lakes in Pakenham.

From the starting point, cross Windemere Blvd and turn left, walking through the small park on the corner of Bonneville Parade. On the other side of the park is a path to the right which brings you out onto Huon Parkway, turn left and walk up to Superior Waters. Cross over the road and follow the path running parallel to Waterside Dve up to the lookout at the top. After resting and enjoying the view, continue the path around and down about halfway, then cross over the road and cut through Zurich Rise to Cook Springs Reserve where there's a pretty pond and bridge and plenty of water birds to watch. Walk back along Windemere Blvd, down the small steps to the lake then loop around the smaller lake, or sit on on the benches to enjoy the scenery before heading back.

It's not necessary to walk to the top to enjoy the area, and the tracks at the base can be looped if you want a longer walk. The small and large set of steps on each side and some gym equipment mean you can get a serious workout if you want to. Please Note: The lower track does not loop around the main lake, as the area at the base of the wall (just past the big steps) is out of bounds due to the risk of falling rocks.

The paths are good, mostly pavement with some gravel. There is one steep section to reach the top of the quarry wall, but there's a great view from the top that makes it all worthwhile. You can also drive up and park right near the lookout and it's a great spot for weather watching.

Find out more about our Social Walking Group here.

Starting Point: The car park in front of the Coles supermarket at the Cardinia Lakes Shopping Centre

Distance: 3km

Toilets: Inside the shopping centre next to Coles

Dogs: Allowed (On Leash Only)

For your GPS: 141 Windermere Blvd, Pakenham


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