The Upper Beaconsfield Garden Group is made up of enthusiastic volunteers who bring with them a vast range of experience and willingness to get the job done!


They have established a community garden at 16 Salisbury Road, next to the Upper Beaconsfield Community Centre. After inheriting

the remnants of what had once been a beautiful home garden, with some nurturing, they built the garden you see today.


The garden is thriving in with vegetable crates and garden beds, along with lots of fruit trees including apple, lemon, grapefruit, lime, nectarine, kiwi, peach & quince.


Over the past year, the group have enjoyed a number of outings to gardens far and wide and learned pruning tips from the local expert.

We welcome you to come past and wander through our leafty greens.


If you would like to join this happy group they meet on the 1st and 3rd Sunday's of each month.


Or perhaps you would like to work you own little plot with the Community Garden.


Whatever your pleasure why not us contact us today!

If you'd like to join a class that's already started please

10-12 Salisbury Road

(PO Box 2)

Upper Beaconsfield VIC 3808

Upper Beaconsfield
Community Centre

Phone:  (03) 5944 3484

Fax : (03) 5944 4179

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