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1 Hour Walks

Upper Beaconsfield Walk

Updated: May 30, 2021

On this walk you'll explore some of the green spaces of Upper Beaconsfield while walking past some beautiful homes and gardens, and the ever popular bakery & General Store. Start by parking at the Community Centre then walk east along Salisbury Rd towards A'Beckett Rd.

There you'll see the pretty Harris reserve with views of the distant hills beyond. Follow the path past the pond, you'll often see kangaroos here to your right and up the hill. Continue on the path and past the new houses to Emerald-Beaconsfield Rd. Cross over and turn right, then left down Stoney Creek Rd and left again at Sutherland Rd. Near the end of the road there are 2 choices of track to your left:

  1. The flat (apart from the small bank where it meets the road) gravel track is the first one.

  2. A narrow dirt track just before the gates which will take you more through the bush and across a little bridge was was re-built by the community a few years ago. This track can be a bit overgrown and slippery when wet, so care needs to be taken.

The 2 tracks meet up near the back of the tennis courts, then follow the path towards the right until you reach Rosebank Lane.

Go left on Rosebank Lane, back up to Emerald- Beaconsfield Rd and turn right. At the shops, crossover at Charing Cross and follow Salisbury Rd back to the Community Centre. You're welcome to pop into the Community Centre after the walk to say hello and have a cuppa if we are open.

The tracks are good, mostly pavement or gravel, and is generally flat with a few long gentle slopes. This area was devastated during the 1983 Ash Wednesday bushfires, so there is an interesting mix of old houses, ones rebuilt in the 80's and brand new modern ones. There are information boards just before you get back to the starting point if you want to know more about how the town was impacted.

Find out more about our Social Walking Group here.

Starting Point: The carpark to the right of the Community Centre

Distance: 4.1km

Toilets: At the Community Centre (if open), at Charing Cross Reserve on the corner of Salisbury & Emerald-Beaconsfield Rds

Dogs: Allowed (On Leash Only)

For your GPS: 10 Salisbury Rd, Beaconsfield Upper


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