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1 Hour Walks

Cardinia Aqueduct Trail - Pakenham Walk

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

This walk doesn't require a lot of notes and it's easy to adjust the length, just walk until you've gone far enough, then turn around and walk back. There are no off shoot tracks until you get right near the end, so there's no chance of getting lost. The trail continues across the road if you want to extend your walk. There is lots of bird life and you might see the odd kangaroo or wallaby.

The track is good, mostly gravel and nice and wide. The only really hilly bit is at the end where it meets Officer Rd, so you can skip that bit if you want to.

History: The aqueduct race itself is of important historical significance, being a rare and intact example of past engineering and construction methods. In 1914, following a very dry year, the Melbourne Metropolitan Board of Works (MMBW) decided to increase Melbourne's water storage capacity. In 1916 the State Rivers and Water Supply Commission (SR&WSC) began construction of the Bunyip Main Race and the Beaconsfield and Frankston Reservoirs to supply water to the Mornington Peninsula. Melbourne Water decommissioned the Race between Beaconsfield Reservoir and Cannibal Creek in Tynong in 1997, due to deterioration of water quality and high costs of maintaining the facility. Melbourne Water transferred ownership of the Thewlis Road to Dickie Road section to Cardinia Shire Council at no cost, for the development of this multi-purpose trail, which opened in 2009, to conserve the heritage value of the aqueduct.

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Starting Point: At the car park across the road from the gate at the start of the trail. If you are coming up from the Princes Hwy, the car park is on the right-hand side, just over a small bridge.

Distance: If you walk right to the end and back it's about 5.15km and may take around 1.25 - 1.5 hours.

If you want a really long walk, when you reach the end of the track, cross over Officer Rd and walk the Officer section of the Aquaduct Trail too.

Toilets: None nearby so go before you arrive :) The closest are next to Lakeside Coles & the butchers or at HomeCo (where the GoodGuys & Supercheap Auto are), Office Works or Bunnings.

Dogs: Allowed (On Leash Only)

For your GPS: 264 Thewlis Rd, Pakenham


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