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1 Hour Walks

Buchanan Rd - Berwick Walk

Updated: May 13, 2021

'Grand Designs' meets Berwick. There are some beautiful, weird & wonderful architecture on these 'no through' roads, hidden among the rolling fields and large gardens and it's a part of Berwick that many people have never seen.

From the starting point, walk back the way you drove in up to the Y-intersection following the path from the end of Pagebrook Rd which cuts through to Beaumont Rd. Directly opposite is Beaumont View Lane, which is quite steep at the start but has my favourite house near the end and an interesting mix of building styles along the way, so it's worth the effort. This is the only steep bit so you can skip it or drive it if you prefer.

Head back down the hill and turn left onto Beaumont Rd. There's no footpath here, so please walk on the right-hand side facing the traffic to be safe. Once you pass over the creek, take the gravel path to the right which weaves through a small park, or continue along the road and turn right at Glen Moidart Dve to stay on the road and footpath. The gravel path joins the road opposite Dunmore Place, from here walk along Glen Moidart Dve to the end, or as far you want to go, then come back to this spot when you're ready to go back to your car. Take the gravel path which follows the line of Grasmere Creek, with bushland on your right and houses and fields on your left. This brings you back to the starting point, with a wooden safety barrier to step over at the end where the path meets the road. A new walking path and wetlands are being built here too which should be lovely when it's finished.

There are many other streets further down Beaumont Rd with lots more stunning homes to explore if you want to extend your walk or take a quick drive around.

The track is good, mostly footpath, gravel & bitumen.

Find out more about our Social Walking Group here.

Starting Point: Follow Buchanan Rd until you reach a Y-style intersection, follow the road to the right and park at the far end of Buchanan Rd.

Distance: 4.5km This walk may take longer than 1 hour depending on how far you walk and how much stopping to look at the houses and gardens you do.

Dogs: Allowed (On Leash Only)

For your GPS: 148 Buchanan Rd, Berwick


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