How do we plan?


Our Program Planning follows an Emergent Curriculum approach, where educators document the children’s interest as they emerge. They can do this through conversations with families, observations, photos, and children’s art work or through talking with your child. We then use this to program and set out activities that your child is interested in. We evaluate the activities regularly to see what is working and isn’t working and make modifications as necessary. This type of planning allows educators to be flexible and allows educators to spontaneously respond to a child’s interest.


We also have portfolios which are a collection of your child’s individual observations that educators have taken on your child’s development and/or milestones. As educators, we evaluate these and see where your child’s strengths are, where we can assist in their development and plan accordingly. We also keep your child’s treasured art pieces in this folder as well.


How can families be involved?


We encourage families to be part of our program planning, through communicating with us about your child’s interests or even what you did on the weekend. We also have a book that we encourage families to write in and let us know. There is also a spot of the observation of your child to have your voice heard as well. We encourage families to be part of our programming at every opportunity. If you have a talent, a tradition or special interest, we encourage families to come along & share it with the children in the ELC.


Further information regarding our program planning can be explained and viewed when you come into the centre.

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